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 Lexi Avery doesn't fit into the mold of a conventional woman who is searching for happily ever after. She strives for happily ever after on her own terms, knowing the perfect man just may not be out there for her. But Lexi is willing to embark on a venturesome journey while exploring love's options, even though she knows hearts, including her own, might get broken. 

The quest begins for Lexi when she leaves her husband to begin a scorching affair with an old high school flame, Nick Cross, who has become the number one movie star in the world. Nick was the first boy to awaken Lexi's sexuality, though their passion was never consummated. When he comes back into her life, she follows her heart in answering her long-burning question of, "What if...?" 

Their passion is white hot, and their love is real. But when the ardent love scenes required by Nick’s leading-man profession begin to wear on Lexi, she takes a break from the relationship and returns to Miami to sort out her feelings and finalize her divorce from her husband, Brad. 

Things get complicated for Lexi when tabloid gossip about Nick’s affair with his beautiful co-star emerges. On top of that, Brad’s punitive demands compel Lexi to walk out on divorce negotiations. 

Looking to escape the turmoil, Lexi delves into nostalgia and reconnects with Bobby Hardwick, the cute boy she fell hard for at Kiawah Island in the summer of her fourteenth year. They easily fall into a very grown-up and sexually-sizzling relationship, and in Bobby’s arms, Lexi finds healing and rekindled love.

Nick. Brad. Bobby. Each man loves Lexi, and each man knows about the others. As each one realizes he has a tentative hold on Lexi’s love, he ups the stakes in winning her heart and her exclusive love. Lexi is in the driver's seat, but ultimately, reluctantly, she has to choose among the three men. Whom does she choose? How does she choose? 

In trying to decide, Lexi has to wonder: “Why does it have to come down to choosing just one man, when no one man can give me everything I want?” 

Why indeed?



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