Other than hitting a best-seller list, can you imagine anything that could be more rewarding for a new author than to have her second novel ‘plucked from the many’ for inclusion in an anthology with nine other authors?

When Jennifer Theriot approached me about joining the Peace, Love, & Romance anthology, I was honored, but also hesitant. Was my book a good fit? Could it hold its own against the books written by Amazon best-selling authors?

But of course I said, “Yes! Thank you!”

And so began a journey that has proven to be exciting, angst-ridden, educational, scary, but ultimately, rewarding. It has been such a pleasure to get to know this group of dynamic, marketing-and-computer-savvy, driven, hard-working, and most of all, talented women. They took a newbie under their wings, and took me to new heights.

I’m grateful to my fellow authors for their enthusiasm that pushed me along when I flagged, for their encouragement while I was learning, for their optimism in the face of setbacks, for their commitment to success, and for their belief in the talent of every author included in the Peace, Love, & Romance anthology.

My love and thanks to Jennifer Theriot, Diane Rinella, Aubree Lane, Christine Ardigo, Nan Reinhardt, Jill Vogt, Kelly Cozzone, Dee Ernst, and Robyn Roze for bringing me along on this incredible journey!

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Rebecca Warner has long been an advocate for women’s rights to social, economic and political equality, as well as human rights--basic rights and freedoms that belong to every person in the world, from birth until death. In her first book, the award-winning political thriller, Moral Infidelity, Rebecca explores a woman's right to have control over her reproductive choices. In her newest book, My Dad My Dog (to be published by Black Rose Writing 11/19/20) Rebecca addresses caregiving, and the right to dignity for patients and caregivers. Her archived blogs on HuffPost range in topic from feminist matters to politics to finance. Rebecca has been happily married to her husband, Jason, for 32 years. They moved from Miami to the beautiful mountains of North Carolina where they live with their lively stumpy-tailed cattle dog, Chance. Rebecca loves dancing—from ballet to shag—foreign travel and spending time in nature.