October, 2017
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25 June 2017
Rebecca's Blogs
It disturbs me that with every stroke of his pen, Trump is pulling another plank from the platform that upholds the lower-and-middle classes of this country. From hobbling workers' rights to decimating healthcare, his and the Republican’s policies ar...
01 July 2016
Rebecca's Blogs
A friend of mine, at the age of 55, was in a new relationship that was heading towards sexual intimacy. Concerned because she had not had sex in three years, and knowing from experience that it could be a painful encounter because of vaginal dryness,...
22 January 2016
Rebecca's Blogs
REKINDLING THE TORCH OF CHOICE Those of us who are over 50 have reached that comfortable age when we no longer have to worry about an unintended pregnancy. For us, the issue of reproductive choice has faded in importance. But for our daughters and g...
02 December 2015
There was a debate raging on LinkedIn recently, when someone asked the question, "What value do you put on authors when they describe themselves as 'Award Winners?'" Responses ranged from vitriolic to meh to upbeat--the last provided by award-winn...
18 August 2015
Rebecca's Blogs
I have just self-published my third book in 15 months, and although there has been a great deal of satisfaction in writing those books, I know I need to take a breather--but my "purpose" in writing them won't allow me to do so! I self-published my f...