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Doubling Back To Love by author Rebecca Warner

Doubling Back To Love

Lexi asks: “Why does it have to come down to choosing just one man, when no one man can give me everything I want?" 

"This book gave me really sexy dreams. Much better and more fun than 50 shades of Gray! 5 stars for sure!” 

Beautiful, sexy and spirited Alexis Avery leaves behind her life in Miami with her husband of seven years, Dr. Brad Avery, to begin a scorching affair with an old high-school flame, Nick Cross, who has become the most famous movie star in the world. Their passion is white hot, and their love is real. But when the ardent love scenes required by Nick’s profession begin to wear on Lexi, she takes a break from the relationship and returns to Miami to finalize her divorce from Brad.

Things get complicated for Lexi when tabloid gossip about Nick’s affair with his co-star emerges. On top of that, Brad’s punitive demands compel Lexi to walk out on divorce negotiations. Looking to escape the turmoil, Lexi takes refuge in a sexually-sizzling relationship with the first boy she ever loved, Bobby Hardwick. In his arms, she finds healing and rekindled love. As each man realizes he has a tentative hold on Lexi’s love, each one ups the stakes in winning her heart and her exclusive love. Because Lexi loves all three men in different ways, for different reasons, she finds it difficult to choose among them. But then, does she have to choose?

Doubling Back to Love is a sensuous and exotic adventure with Alexis Avery as she leaves one man, returns to another, and doubles back more than once in her quest for the ideal love.

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