He's Just A Man is a novel by Author Rebecca Warner and is available on Amazon and Kindle books.

Meet The Author

Meet The Author

"By the most modern definition, I am a feminist. Here is the definition of a feminist: "Advocating women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.


He's Just A Man

Do you want to enhance your self esteem? Learn to flirt with flair? Gain confidence around men? Become a better lover? He's Just A Man will help you tap into your womanly power so that you can attain all of these attributes!

All you need to find your loving, committed man is the knowledge and understanding of the power you possess as a woman.



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He’s Just A Man...He’s not a mystery or a puzzle. He’s simply the male of our species, but he has one significant soft spot: He is in pursuit of a female—he is biologically driven to find a mate. It doesn’t matter how rich, powerful or handsome a man is, he is still just a man who is looking for a woman to love. In Book 1 of HE’S JUST A MAN: Making the Most of Your Womanly Power, you’ll discover this power you have been given as a woman, and techniques on how to harness and use that power in a healthy way to attract the right man for you. With this knowledge, you can get past any fear or doubt about ever meeting that man. It’s really a very basic premise: You want a loving man, and a man wants a loving mate. Tap into your womanly power to gain the confidence you need to find your true life partner, secure in the knowledge that he is just a man.


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